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E 2 Consulting Dedicated to "Excellence in Engineering, " E2 Consulting Engineers, Inc. (E2) is a professional services firm established in 1988 specializing in a full spectrum of engineering services including, project engineering and design, federal base operations and infrastructure support services, gas pipeline construction and inspection services, environmental consulting and remediation, and information technology services.

At E2, we value safety, innovation and collaboration, and we are dedicated to excellence. Dedicated to "Excellence in Engineering, " E2 Consulting Engineers, Inc. (E2) was founded in 1988 to deliver environmentally focused services related to water and wastewater. Since then, the firm has grown and broadly diversified to provide engineering, environmental consulting, oil and gas pipeline engineering, infrastructure operations, and remediation-related services.

Since the firm's founding, the management team has balanced growth with fiscal prudence, resulting in a solid, financially stable business, sustained growth, and loyal clients and employees.

read more › E2 Consulting Engineers, Inc. was founded in 1988 by Hersh Saluja to provide wastewater and water consulting services for municipal and federal clients. Our services quickly expanded to include transit and transportation engineering. In 1992, E2 began providing services to the Department of Energy for facility operations and maintenance for nuclear operations. In 1993, CH2M HILL sponsored E2 as one of its Protege firms. In 2012, E2 began providing project management services to utility clients, including Southern California Gas Company and Pacific Gas & Electric, and moved to expand pipeline construction and inspection services to utilities throughout the United States.

read more › For 30+ years, E2 has built upon its founding values of excellence in engineering and exceptional client service to grow into a full service multidisciplinary firm. E2 was founded in 1988 and is celebrating 30+ years of continuous operation and growth. From humble roots we now have a team of 400+ professionals in offices throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our leadership team is composed of experts in their chosen field who are committed to client service and making E2 the firm of choice for clients and employees.

read more › Our team of 500+ engineers, scientists, technical specialists, technicians, craftsmen, and professionals is committed to providing innovative client-focused solutions and exceptional service. We have successfully helped clients to deliver some of the most challenging construction projects and programs on time and on budget. Our construction inspectors are E2 employees and proven communicators who work alongside contractors and workers to make sure things are built to code and in compliance with applicable regulations.

read more › Our reputation for technical expertise and dependability is backed by a legacy of quality and the proven ability to deliver spanning more than three decades. With a team of former federal operations specialists, we operate, maintain, and manage infrastructure, utilities, treatment systems, and other base facilities, including routine surveillance, operations, maintenance, and management activities. Innovations in technology are changing how we learn, communicate, work, and live. Behind this innovative force of change, are millions of bright minds working across campuses, research facilities, and manufacturing plants throughout the world.

read more › Federal agencies provide infrastructure, regulations, funding, and support to our communities. We've partnered with federal agencies since our founding in 1988. We provide a range of services from facilities operations and support to engineering and staff augmentation. One aspect has remained consistent over the years, our commitment to safety and exceptional client service. We work proactively with our clients, in many cases as an extension of their own staff. We're well versed in federal processes and regulations, and our leadership team is composed of former federal facility program managers who are committed to safety and continually looking for process improvements, cost savings, and operational efficiencies.

read more › Our team of experts is at the ready to help maximize investments in property, buildings, and infrastructure by providing cutting edge project management services, PMO services, operations and management, engineering, environmental science and remediation and inspection services. We leverage our proprietary software application, E2 M2M and our technology teams at E2TechSpace to deliver the most efficient and effective solutions to our clients.

read more › As infrastructure continues to age and demands increase, we work alongside our clients to keep people and goods moving. Our success spans managing large, complex, multi-year portfolios to individual projects for some of California's most impacted transportation systems. Our portfolio of success planning and executing transportation projects includes engineering, cost estimating, scheduling, project controls, GIS, stormwater and environmental monitoring, and construction inspection. From roads to rail, we understand the need to transport people and goods safely and efficiently.

read more › Gas and electricity fuel our communities. We work to deliver these utilities safely, efficiently, and in compliance with regulatory requirements. Many of our clients are investing in their infrastructure to ensure safe operations and to minimize environmental impacts. Our senior leadership team is composed of former utility operators, engineers, inspectors, and integrity management specialists. We understand the risk, maintenance, opportunities and challenges of safely transmitting and distributing electricity and gas.

read more › Water continues to be a key concern for utilities, water districts, and our communities. E2 has continuously provided water and wastewater engineering services to public and private clients for 30+ years. Our team of designers, engineers, and environmental scientists are adept at planning, evaluation, design and engineering, construction documentation, project management, construction management, and permitting for water storage, transmission, distribution, pump station, and treatment facilities.

read more › E2 collaborates with clients and contractors to improve project delivery. We have successfully helped clients deliver some of the most challenging construction projects and programs on time and on budget. We work with clients and contractors at the start of each project to establish clear expectations and processes, setting everyone up for success. From experienced construction managers and schedulers, we have the team and skills necessary to successfully manage and deliver your project.

read more › Our team of qualified and trained Construction Inspectors oversee work in accordance with applicable codes, drawings, specifications, and safety regulations. Our Construction Inspectors are E2 employees and proven communicators who work alongside contractors to make sure our customers' infrastructure is built to code and in compliance with applicable regulations. Our team of 200+ inspectors has successfully served leading utility providers throughout the US and Canada. E2's Management staff has a combined 100+ years of construction experience and is well-equipped to support our inspection teams from all over the nation.

read more › Our team of former federal specialists operates, maintains, and manages infrastructure, utilities, treatment systems, and other base facilities, including routine surveillance, operations, maintenance, and management activities. With an exceptional CPARS rating and multiple awards, our team has managed more than $300 Million in fixed price, time and materials, and cost plus task orders safely for the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration.

read more › Founded by an engineer, technical rigor and problem-solving are at the heart of everything we do. We've been providing engineering services for municipal infrastructure projects since our founding in 1988. Today our team of drafters, designers, engineers, and document specialists provide an array of engineering services for water, oil, gas, electric, and utility projects. As infrastructure continues to age and regulations become more stringent, our team of engineers and designers is trusted by clients throughout the US and Canada to engineer and design solutions that will maintain or enhance operations while keeping project teams and the public safe.

read more › From EPA-listed superfund sites to military decommissioning, E2 has performed site investigation, characterization, and remediation of more than 50 federal superfund sites including naval bases, airfields, mining sites, and underground storage tanks. Our team of engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, chemists, and environmental scientists have the skills required to solve complex environmental challenges. Our team is composed of former federal and state regulatory specialists who bring in-depth knowledge of regulations and strong relationships with agency staff.

read more › E2 provides efficient, safe, and cost-effective pipeline integrity management solutions to clients throughout the US and Canada. We understand the pressures to maintain operations safely, reliably, and with confidence. We work with each client and tailor our approach to in-line inspect, assess, examine, and retrofit each pipeline to meet their unique regulatory, safety and operational needs. In the past three years, E2 has pigged 1156+ miles of pipeline and retrofitted 256+ miles of pipeline. In the past year, we have debris mapped 648+ miles of 6"-36" pipelines in-line inspected using caliper pig runs to map and measure debris deposits to design effective cleaning programs.

read more › E2 provides PMO Services including a full suite of project controls and project delivery experts. E2 has provided PMO services on more than 20 large-scale contracts, helping public and private clients maximize value, increase efficiencies and deliver multimillion-dollar construction and modernization programs. Our skilled team of project controls and project delivery specialists are experienced big-picture and long-term thinkers, superior organizers, strategic and insightful contributors, and collaborative leaders.

read more › Solid project management requires skilled professionals well equipped with the knowledge, tools, and techniques to deliver all aspects of a successful project. E2's project managers have proven success managing large and complex projects involving numerous manufacturers, contractors, and large project teams. Our rigorous in-house training and quality control and quality assurance process provides an additional level of control that ensures our project managers deliver.

read more › Designed and developed by E2 Consulting Engineers, E2 M2M is a highly customizable and proprietary iPad application that facilitates data collection and sharing, resulting in increased efficiency and transparency on important projects. E2 M2M streamlines the myriad of data required by complex projects, programs, and activities. A proprietary cloud-based application, E2 M2M facilitates traceable, verifiable, and complete data collection and sharing for increased transparency and efficiency. Multiple field and office teams use E2 M2M concurrently, logging information such as boring logs, field notes, water levels, site pictures, videos, inspection reports, chains-of-custody, and daily operations logs.

read more › A web- and cloud-based application designed and developed by E2, the E2 M2M Bell Hole Inspection Module is used by field inspectors to log coating, mechanical and corrosion defects, as well as post-ILI validations. A stand-alone form can be created for magnetic particle testing to provide supporting documentation. Along with field notes, site photos, and other pertinent documents, the module has chain-of-custody and reporting capabilities. Forms and reports go through an electronic routing and approval process.

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