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M3 Engineering & Technology Congratulations to W.M. Keck Observatory on Completion of a Major Sustainability Project in Hawaii. The W.M. Keck Observatory is located near the summit of Mauna Kea, on the Big Island of Hawaii. The W.M. Keck Observatory is a two-telescope observatory with two 10 meter optical/infrared telescopes. In its commitment to reduce the organization's carbon footprint and lower the cost of energy, W.M. Keck Observatory installed a solar PV system.

Congratulations to GMTO on passing their successful Preliminary Design Review (PDR) for the Telescope Pier and Seismic Isolation System for the Giant Magellan Telescope. This historic milestone was facilitated by an international peer review panel comprised of distinguished, world-renowned seismic isolation and ground motion experts.

M3 is a merger of 3 disciplines; Architecture, Engineering and Construction Management providing continuous design and construction services from project conception to final testing and integration.We have the experience and expertise to develop creative design solutions for a wide variety of project types ranging from complicated dynamic structures to state of the art research laboratories with cost of construction varying from $1,000 to more than $1 billion.
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