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Ford, Bacon & Davis, LLC is a privately owned, multi-discipline Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) company, with 8 offices across the United States. We are 700+ employees strong, with almost 100 licensed professional engineers currently licensed in 45 states, with the ability to add all 50 states as necessary. We have engineered projects in the Chemical/Petrochemical; Pulp and Paper; Refining; and Renewable Energy markets, stateside and internationally, for over 20 years.

We strive to be the best provider of engineering and construction services in the world through excellence in project management, a responsive mindset, and technical core competencies. We have built a superior reputation in the EPC industry because of our flexible work processes to manage our commitments.

We respond to what our clients' requirements are by listening to the type of project they need designed or built, then engineer or construct according to our clients' requirements - not our requirements - all within schedule and within budget.

read more › First in safety culture is an absolute Core Value, which is reflected in our very culture at FB&D. As such, we make it our policy to take every reasonable safety precaution in the performance of our work. We focus on protecting the safety and health of our employees, our clients' employees, other contractors' employees, and members of the public. It is our goal in every circumstance to prevent the risks of personal injury resulting from accidents. The safety of personnel is a VALUE, and shall have priority over everything else.

read more › Today's business leaders are challenged to make critical investment decisions, all while managing against a highly volatile market. In an effort to reduce financial risk, project investment decisions tend to be delayed, driving the time to market and project cycle times even shorter. In the project world, faster is better. But we know your objective is not to do a project, but to make your product and make it now! Unfortunately anyone can do a project fast if quality is allowed to slip or costs are allowed to rise.

read more › Procurement and Inspection of materials is the critical element to meet your project's goals. According to the Construction Industry Institute (CII), approximately 80% of schedule impacts are due to late deliveries. We have experienced procurement professionals, and source inspectors, who are equipped with the latest tools, and systems (not spreadsheets!), to ensure materials will be delivered on time, on budget, as planned. Our automated project procurement system is fully integrated with our engineering, accounting, scheduling, warehouse and construction services.

read more › Efficiency is one of the most important benefits of modular and pipe fabrication. The construction of equipment you need takes place off of your site, allowing work to keep flowing on your site. By letting us manage the work environment, manpower, and necessary equipment and tools, you'll reap significant benefits over field construction. S&B Engineers and Constructors (S&B) is a member of our Family of Companies who has over 30 years of experience in designing and installing modules. S&B Modular Operations (SBMO) is a state-of-the-art pipe fabrication and module assembly facility, situated on 54 acres of rolled compacted concrete in Baytown, TX.

read more › Deciding on your next capital expansion is no small task! External uncertainty and complexity of your project needs to be considered. Your definition of project success should be aligned with the right construction partner for your most important projects. S&B Plant Services, we can perform your construction services for your next project. Our strength is in reducing our customers' total cost of ownership and operation, while performing work with both safety and operational excellence in the chemical, petrochemical, refining, power generation, manufacturing, and pulp and paper sectors.

read more › Ford, Bacon & Davis' Onsite Contract Services Division offers complete professional staffing solutions for requirements in our clients plants, facilities, and offices. FB&D currently serves as a "single source supplier" of technical and non-technical staffing needs for a number of clients located across the United States. All of our base clients are listed in the Fortune 500. Industries we currently serve are Refining, Chemical, Petrochemical, Specialty Chemicals, Manufacturing, Paper, Power and Industrial.

read more › With eight offices throughout the Southeast, and the technology enabled global network of connected staff, we are organized to work together as a single business unit to engineer, and/or construct your project throughout the United States. Regardless of location, our Project Managers will bring in the best Subject Matter experts, knowledgeable and experienced engineers and craft personnel, to complete your project, on time, on budget, safely.

read more › The chemical and petrochemical industries convert raw materials into hundreds of thousands of diverse products each year. Converting these raw materials impacts the day-to-day life of everyone on the planet. Our clients help supply the world with these much needed, desired products. Our reputation in the chemical and petrochemical industries is something we are very proud of. Our clients have trusted us to help bring their products to market on time, on budget and safely. We have been involved in many chemical, specialty chemical and petrochemical projects.

read more › If your business is industrial manufacturing and fabrication, you are responsible for processing raw materials into valuable products used by millions of people worldwide. When it's time to introduce new products, or to increase productivity with a plant expansion, your focus should be on maintaining the consistency of your business with minimal interruptions. You need to partner with an experienced engineering firm who understands your business, and can provide you with a unique combination of process knowledge engineering and project execution.

read more › We have project experience with all steam/power generating equipment including stoker, CFB, BFB, pulverize coal, gas turbine and solar/thermal generators. Due to recent environmental regulations, we have designed compliance strategies for industrial boiler MACT, including the development of alliances with key equipment vendors. Our strength is in working with our clients to incorporate the latest generation and cogeneration technologies, utilizing a variety of traditional and nontraditional fuels.

read more › How do you meet market demands while focusing on price per ton, quality, safety and capital cost reduction? The answer is easy - you partner with a company that is an expert in the pulp, paper and wood products industries. Our process and design teams have experience with all manufacturing areas of paper, pulp and wood products manufacturing, with hundreds of projects completed each year. We have maintained a focus on pulp and paper engineering, maintaining a leadership role during the consolidation of the industry and engineering services providers.

read more › Ford Bacon and Davis, LLC, has extensive experience in a broad spectrum of refining areas including crude units; catalytic cracking; alkylation; aromatic extraction and treating; hydrotreating; coking; reforming and light ends fractionation; as well as major experience in off-sites, tankage, and crude and product movements. Due to the mixture of hydrocarbons, contaminants, presence of sour gas, and the different viscosities of the crude, the process of fractionating and refining crude oil can be very complex.

read more › Since the expansion of the renewable energy industry and bio-based products industry in 2008, investors worldwide have been paying attention. Much of this growth can be attributed to the need for inexpensive and sustainable resources. With biomass based chemicals, fuels, and energy driving growth in this technology intensive industry, you need a leader in the design, commercialization and construction of these facilities and technologies. We have provided engineering services for over $5 billion in renewable energy projects across North America.

read more › We obey the written word and intent of the laws of the United States of America and any host country. We make no compromise with respect to morality, ethics or safety. We will not do anything we would be ashamed of. Safety is a core value at Ford, Bacon & Davis. One that is part of our employees' lives, both at work and at home. Each day, we want our employees to return home safely to their families, AND we also want our employees to return to work safely. We believe we should have an honest, professional, and forthright relationship with our clients, employees, and stockholders.

read more › This series of Fish Talks was specifically created at the request of the CII Next Gen Committee as a part of their knowledge transfer imitative. In this series of Fish Talks, John shares some of his insights and experiences while working in various aspects of the industry. These range from being a Piping Designer ( Nothing stimulates the mind of an engineer like a finished drawing.) to Business Development (Helping customers to solve problems.). John started his career as a "turn-red-black" drafter in 1964.

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