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Arrival 3d We've designed our company to scan industrial plant environments in the most efficient manner possible. Get your entire plant scanned in a matter of days. When it comes to BIM, nobody does it better. Capture existing conditions of hospitals, schools, parking garages and high-rise offices and other large buildings. An as-built 3D CAD model created from 3D laser scanning is an invaluable engineering asset that can be used in CAD programs such as AutoCAD, Revit, Solidworks and more.

Capture a photographic record of the site using aerial drone scanning or terrestrial tripod based photography. A map provides a "Google Street View" type experience. We scan parts and objects of any size, from molds and tooling to large vehicles such as airplanes and ships. Scans can be converted to various 3D modeling formats. I had Arrival 3D laser scan two properties that are going into the architectural design phase.

They produced LOD 300 models for both project that were excellent. Scheduling was easy and the 3 week turnaround was fast.

read more › Arrival 3D is a 3D scanning company that wants to do one thing, and that is perform 3d scanning services and do it better than anyone else. This goal drives our decisions when it comes to recruiting team members, buying software and choosing 3d scanners. This single focus makes it possible for you to receive world class 3D scanning services at competitive prices. We have expert 3D scanning technicians who can travel to your location for on-site work. While the process may look easy, it is very important to have an experienced person behind the wheel of a scanning project.

read more › Popular output formats include Autodesk Revit, DWG, STP, IGES, Solidworks SLDPRT, STL for 3D printing, ReCap point clouds and many more. Here is a more extensive list of the file formats you can get from 3D scanning services. On-site 3D laser scanning cost starts at $1,750 per day or more depending on the situation. Every scan is different, so call us for a customized quote for your project. Check out more information on the cost of 3D scanning. Recent model 3D scanners like the Leica RTC 360 we use are incredibly accurate and precise.

read more › Our expert scanning team uses the fastest and most accurate 3D laser scanners available and will work closely with you to clearly understand your needs set you up for success. While scanning, the instrument optionally captures color photos that become a valuable record for you and allow you to see the site from every position that was scanned. After the on-site data capture is complete, we process the massive amounts of collected data to prepare it for CAD modeling. We utilize a large team of experienced CAD modelers to create as-built 3D models at any level-of-detail (LOD) that you choose.

read more › Nothing compares to 3D scanning when it comes to accurately capturing as-built measurements of a large building. If you have been given the task of creating as-built drawings the old fashioned way, you know how challenging that can be. 3D scanning can relieve you of this burden. A long range 3D scanner can capture an entire facility in a matter of hours with an accuracy that is 1/8 or better. An as-built Revit model can be created at any LOD level you need. Through a process called "scan-to-BIM", our expert modeling team quickly creates high quality, fully implemented Revit models.

read more › When you have something scanned, there are many possible output types to choose from. If you aren't sure exactly what you need, we can help get you pointed in the right direction. Obtaining an as-built Revit model is easy using 3d laser scanning. Just tell us how much detail you need, and our scanning and modeling teams will get to work. Whether it is LOD200, LOD300 or LOD400, you'll get a highly accurate representation of existing conditions that you can use to develop your project design and engineering models.

read more › 3D scanning is accurate up to 1mm for most applications, but depending on which scanner is used, accuracy in the 1 mm range is achievable. We select the most efficient 3D scanning method that can meet your minimum accuracy requirement. By identifying the least amount of accuracy that you can live with, we can optimize the process to save you money. Because of the high quality models produced during the reverse engineering process, the models happen to be very versatile. Alternatively, you can just keep the 3D model for safekeeping as documentation for future reference knowing, should the part ever be lost or destroyed, that you have sufficient information build another one.

read more › 3D laser scanning services can assist you in determining the true condition of any floor. Whether the floor has just been installed and you are evaluating it for quality of installation, or it is a floor that has been around a while and you need to determine it's flatness, 3D laser scanning is the most efficient tool for measuring floor flatness. We utilize fast and accurate laser scanners that measure millions of points on the floor's surface, creating a complete picture of the floor that is far superior than taking sample measurements the traditional way.

read more › There are a great variety of different parts and objects that can be scanned including: molds, tools, jigs, fixtures body panels and even complete aircraft. If you don't have digital 3D drawings of your tooling, or any drawings at all, 3D scanning is a way to capture them and preserve their shape using precise 3D scanning technology. No prior 3D experience is required for you to start taking advantage of 3D scanning. Output files are provided in neutral standard formats that you can provide to your engineers to utilize.

read more › It is estimated that there are over 53,000 wind turbines in the US. With that many in operation, it is inevitable that some will fail, sometimes catastrophically. When that happens, it is necessary to carefully examine the tower to make sure it is structurally sound. 3D scanning is by far the best and most effective tool for wind turbine inspections. With our technology and experience, inspecting wind turbines has never been easier, safer, or cost effective. To determine if a tower is bent, an as-designed reference model of the tower is created.

read more › Are you interested in creating a digital twin 3D model of your plant? This is a very exciting option that is made possible using 3D scanning. We can create a virtual 3D model that is highly realistic and enable you to view it using an Oculus or HTS virtual reality headset. You can explore the virtual world and see the site from any angle or perspective. Through the use of the Unreal Engine, we utilize the ultimate in superior graphics made possible by the gaming industry to add incredible realism to your virtual environment.

read more › 3D scanning a power plant is not an easy thing to do. The sheer size and complexity of a power plant makes the job a challenging one. However, our customers agree that 3D scanning is worth the effort and cost because of the many benefits that 3D technology brings to project engineering. Using digital 3D scan information as an as-built reference, engineers can design complicated retrofits and upgrades that fit with existing equipment the first time, avoiding costly and usually inevitable engineering errors or miscalculations.

read more › Our 3D inspection services can assist you with quality control in manufacturing and installation, assuring that objects meet the required specifications. We can provide a variety of inspection types. Depending on the nature of your part, we may utilize a long range 3D scanner handheld scanner for the inspection. Inspection is a comparison of a set of ideal or required measurements (reference data) to a corresponding set of measurements from the part to be inspected (test data). The reference data may come in the form of a table, with values at specific points or features, a cad model, or 3d scan.

read more › For large storage tanks, 3D laser scanners capture accurate geometry information that can be used to analyze the true shape and any deformation of the tank structures. Older measurement techniques required multiple measurements and a lot of time. 3D scanning of tanks makes this process faster and more accurate millions of measurement points in a single scanning session. 3D laser scanners can capture very accurate measurement information in a short period of time. For structural design projects or tank modifications, such as replacing a roof or seals, the true shape and condition of the tank can be critical for ensuring that the design fits the existing conditions; hence reducing costly delays or rework.

read more › When it comes to scanning large transportation structures such as bridges, overpasses, tunnels, viaducts and streets, Arrival 3D has you covered. 3D scanning can quickly and accurately document the precise shape of the bridge and supporting structures. To capture a representation of the bridge for creating animations such as traffic accident recreations. Whatever the reason, starting your project off with a highly accurate laser scan will set you up for success.

read more › If you are looking for a company experienced in scanning hospitals, look no further than Arrival 3D. Hospitals often require extra care and effort due to the fact that they are always open. We utilize laser scanning methods and processes that are as un-intrusive as possible so as not to disturb operations. From the exterior and roof to the halls, operating rooms, offices, patient rooms and utility plants, we have scanned it all and would be glad to assist with your hospital 3D scanning project.

read more › 3D laser scanning services is a great way to capture complex-shaped staircases such as spiral staircases. Our clients use the data captured from 3D scanning to create things like handrails and glass panels. A popular trend with business and high end homes is the use of curved glass panels with stairs. These are especially challenging because they must be prefabricated and can not be built onsite. Often they are ordered long in advance and shipped in from overseas at great expense. For this reason it is important that the 3D scans be very accurate, as a mistake could be very expensive.

read more › We utilize high-end Leica and Faro scanners to make sure the data we deliver meets the high quality standards we know you expect. These scanners are among the best that money can buy, and we are excited to be able to offer you the tremendous benefits that come with 3D laser scanning with this equipment. While there isn't a "one-size-fits-all" solution, this one comes close. It is hard to describe just how incredible this scanner is until you see it in person. Its unparalleled speed, compact form, portability, extremely simple user interface and high data quality make this scanner hard to beat.

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