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CORE Engineers Consulting Group (CORE Group) has an established record of being a premier provider of engineering consulting and third party plans review services to the building industry since it's formation in 2008. Our clients include leading builders, developers, and designers in the Washington, DC area and up and down the east coast. Our work spans across the building industry: from residential to commercial and governmental; large-scale and small.

read more › CORE Engineers Consulting Group (CORE Group) is a Washington DC based engineering firm specializing in code consulting and fire protection engineering for the building and construction industries. We are comprised of experienced engineers who apply their knowledge of construction codes, life safety and fire protection engineering principles to meeting the needs of our clients across the construction industry. CORE Group's background and services help eliminate the wait time and headaches associated with code & permitting reviews.

read more › CORE Group's professionals work with the design team to achieve your goals for your development projects, while ensuring a safe and code compliant building. Recognized as leading code professionals in the industry, CORE Group personnel regularly contribute to the development of innovative solutions and work with regulatory authorities to implement those solutions. Our team bring with them the experience, professionalism and drive to provide our clients with the premiere services they have come to expect.

read more › CORE Group's primary mission is to provide premier engineering services to our clients. We offer engineering consultation services related to the built environment with emphasis on construction codes and fire protection related matters. Our engineers have extensive code consulting and code compliance review experience and will work with you to understand and achieve the results you want.

read more › CORE Group has provided third party plan review or code consulting services for clients based in DC, as well as around the country. Our team has served clients ranging from owners and developers, designers, and both local and federal government agencies on projects varying in size and scale from additions and renovations to single family homes to stadiums and national memorials.

read more › CORE Group is the leading third party plans review provider in the District of Columbia. Under the DCRA Third Party Program CORE Group has conducted plans reviews for projects ranging from small additions on single family homes to ground up construction of complex high rise buildings. CORE Group is approved to conduct fire protection shop drawing reviews in Prince George's County. Additionally CORE Group is approved to provide inspections in the County. CORE Group is approved to file Fire Protection Engineering Design Evaluations for projects within the City of Rockville under the City's major buildings program.

read more › CORE Group offers a wide range of code consulting services. Our team's expertise in the application of building codes creates significant advantages to our clients when dealing with the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). Our engineers and staff stay active in code and standards development on both local and national levels and have experience working as or for the AHJ in several jurisdictions. By helping to set the regulations and enforcement mechanisms that will impact your project, CORE Group has valuable insight into the intentions of the codes, and the way to design code compliant solutions for atypical jobs.

read more › CORE Group provides sustainability services ranging from energy and green code consulting, reviews, and certifications for all project types. We will work with clients at any stage of project implementation to review jurisdictional or owner requirements and develop strategies to implement and achieve the sustainability results required. CORE Group's work with the District of Columbia in the adoption and implementation of the 2013 DC Energy and Green Construction Codes, along with deep knowledge and understanding of the Green Building Act and other District sustainability laws and regulations, will help guide your project from planning to completion.

read more › One of the fundamental aspects of fire protection engineering is providing the appropriate level of life safety. The underlying goals of fire, building and life safety codes are to protect both people and property without unduly encumbering the design. CORE Group focuses on maintaining an appropriate level of life safety for the inhabitants of the built environment while meeting the designer's vision. When a design or conditions within a building present a hazardous scenario, it may be necessary to evaluate the conditions and make recommendations to either mitigate or reduce a potential loss.

read more › CORE Group's fire protection engineers have backgrounds that are valuable assets to any design team. Our engineers are fluent in the requirements of codes and standards as they relate to fire protection systems design, installation, inspection and maintenance. Whether your building or facility is to be newly constructed or is to undergo a renovation, we will guide your team to practical and economical fire protection solutions. CORE Group is well versed in all aspects of fire suppression systems, fire alarm systems, and smoke control systems.

read more › In the event of a loss resulting from fire or a fire protection system, CORE Group is able to assist our clients in what are often complex situations. Having testified as expert witnesses in both Federal and State courts, our engineers are knowledgeable in judicial procedures related to civil and criminal investigations. We are familiar with and have successfully taken depositions, withstood Daubert challenges and have delivered cogent testimony in trials. CORE Group provides expert support in the areas of origin and cause, building and life safety codes, passive and active fire protection system failures, and fire and smoke modeling.

read more › CORE Group's work spans across many areas that will impact your building project. With project areas from life safety and fire protection to energy efficiency, there are many codes, jurisdictions, and regulations to navigate. In-house professional engineers and designers with diverse backgrounds and over 75 years of experience work together to apply our knowledge of building codes, fire dynamics and fire modeling in an effort to demonstrate that an architectural solution is suitable and fits the clients needs.

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