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MPE Consulting is the partner you can trust to deliver results on your most important projects. Specializing in detailed and thorough construction documents, we turn complex ideas into actionable plans. MPE's experienced team can tackle any challenge, from conceptual design to commissioning and project closeout. Combining expertise from designers, engineers, project managers, and estimators, we provide leading solutions at every phase.

To quickly and accurately relate design ideas and information, MPE Consulting uses the latest in AutoCAD software, photovoltaic shade/production analysis software, and SKM electrical systems analysis software to produce and coordinate documents at the highest level of accuracy. We equip you with thorough, accurate, and intuitive resources for achieving success - which you can utilize with any level of technical knowledge.

At MPE Consulting, intricate design work and challenging projects are what we do best. As each project is of prime importance to us, you can expect principal involvement at every level of the job.

read more › People make all the difference when it comes to our success. From customer interactions to on-site expertise, we count on some of the business's best minds and most experienced professionals to deliver value at every phase in our engineering projects. You can trust the MPE Consulting staff in San Diego, CA, to see you through any consulting challenge with the insight, efficiency, and professionalism you deserve.

read more › No project's needs are out of reach at MPE Consulting. Our professionals equip you with the expertise you need to effectively navigate each phase in your plan. We offer in-depth service with directly-involved experts. Our engineering project management in San Diego, CA, gives you complete confidence from your first call. No matter the scale, scope, or complexity involved, we can get the job done right. The California Division of the State Architect (DSA) is an essential partner in advancing many of the projects we oversee.

read more › Laying out your power infrastructure is the first step in securing long-lasting success. Whether you need help creating intuitive systems for your business's new location or upgrading to energy-efficient lighting, MPE Consulting can get the job done. Our electrical design services in San Diego, CA, empower you with complete solutions that leverage the latest software and technology for long-lasting value. We also emphasize partnership - and that means making our approach accessible to you. Our drawings and reports streamline technical data to ensure a thorough system analysis.

read more › No engineering project is limited to an office setting. MPE Consulting isn't either. Our on-site engineering services in San Diego, CA, let us evaluate and support your needs in real-time. As roadblocks emerge, we're already on the job of removing them. That means greater efficiency and constant confidence during every phase of your project.

read more › Avoid negligence fines, injury, and downtime. OSHA currently requires employers to protect their employees from electrical hazards, including shock and arc flash. Sticking to these guidelines can protect your reputation and your team in the event of a potential problem - and our professionals are here to help you manage arc flash safety in San Diego, CA. MPE Consulting can perform a comprehensive Coordination Study and Arc Flash Analysis on your facility using state-of-the-art software. This will spell out clearly the hazards of each electrical panel and what PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is required for that area.

read more › Every business is built on smart resource management. At MPE Consulting, we make sure that you never waste a watt of power. Our approach in office building electrical design in San Diego, CA, incorporates technology, training, and customer-specific technical assessments to deliver a truly modernized infrastructure. System ties into additional three buildings for building interconnection and power backup. New generator design incorporated a 300kW generator with the capacity for the server room and additional building backup requirements.

read more › The most luxurious destinations depend on efficient power to support their success. From the quality of guest service to the bottom line at the end of each day, casino and resort electrical design in San Diego, CA, is an essential part of smart planning. At MPE Consulting, we make the process simple with the latest and most powerful solutions for clients of all kinds. Designed new layout for a 2000kW diesel generator, ATS, service meter and service transformer. Designed the layout for the relocation of the existing 2000kW diesel generator with new ATS, service meter, and service transformer.

read more › From kindergarten to graduate courses, schools at all levels need dependable power infrastructure to support their programs. Just as you lay the foundation for future leaders and innovators, MPE Consulting helps you prepare for success with our electrical design for education in San Diego, CA. Let us handle planning and project management for your campus. Unique Solar PV laminates integrated into roofing membrane to minimize structural impact and create dual purpose roofing and power generation capability.

read more › In an emergency, having access to reliable power is essential. It can preserve property, protect people, and allow continued service during electrical grid outages. At MPE Consulting, we offer power design and generator installation in San Diego, CA, that allow our customers to take on any challenge without losing their lights. From installation to housing, our professionals deliver total confidence. Designed new layout for a 2000kW diesel generator, ATS, service meter and service transformer. Designed the layout for the relocation of the existing 2000kW diesel generator with new ATS, service meter and service transformer.

read more › The greatest discoveries happen when researchers have access to the equipment and energy they need to accelerate their projects. MPE Consulting can equip your facility with specialized infrastructure for laboratory and biotech electricity in San Diego, CA. Let us lay the foundation for future breakthroughs. Provided electrical design and engineering services for existing laboratory facility. Design services include lighting (title 24), mechanical design, load analysis summaries, and power engineering line diagrams and layouts for electrical rooms/switchgear/panel boards.

read more › In high-production environments, every advantage counts. Safe and dependable manufacturing facility electricity in San Diego, CA, allows you to keep pace with the competition. When you need smart design, next-generation upgrades, or insight into your facility's energy needs, MPE Consulting has the expertise to assist. Turn to us for experience professionals and empowering solutions. Verified the power & connection requirements for over 500 individual manufacturing tools and equipment. Replaced over 5000A of gear and installed new distribution boards for future flexibility to cover the life of the 10 year lease and beyond.

read more › When the nation's readiness is on the line, every detail of your power system matters. Our military facility electrical services in San Diego, CA, come with the kind of assurance leaders need to face potential threats ahead. Rely on MPE Consulting when the stakes of your project include national defense.

read more › Partner with the power experts that doctors depend on. MPE Consulting has extensive experience providing medical facility electrical services in San Diego, CA, and we can set your project up for success. With our team of engineers on your side, you can install the systems you need and keep the ones you count on in their best shape.

read more › Clean energy is quickly becoming the gold standard for reliability and consumer confidence across industries. Whether you want to diversify your sources of power or save money on monthly utilities, our photovoltaic electrical services in San Diego, CA, can help. MPE Consulting's breadth of experience allows us to make full use of the latest solar technology on the market. Let us lend a hand with your project. Designed new layout for a 2000kW diesel generator, ATS, service meter and service transformer.

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