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We can meet all of your needs - from planning and surveying, design to bid, from governmental approval to construction, and finally to ribbon cutting, AWA is the firm you can count on to bring your project from vision to reality! We provide an unprecedented level of client service, which is the foundation our company was built on over 55 years ago.

To be a trusted client ally, partner, and development consultant through five-star client service. AWA is dedicated to providing a full service team of professionals to take your project from vision to reality. AWA prides itself on consulting with all facets of our client's projects. We place great value on understanding our client's business model, putting our team of consultants in the owner's shoes to ensure that our team considers the owner's best interests and ability to increase their project ROI.

Each project will be assigned oversight from a company principal to ensure quality control and project vision. AWA is committed to providing each project the necessary manpower and focus to bring your project to completion on time and within budget.

read more › AWA's philosophy is to understand each client's business. We approach every project from the owner's perspective to find new revenue opportunities and increase the project ROI. As we engage these philosophies, we bring value to the client while maintaining a high standard of quality for the project. We provide turn-key services from conception through construction, to aid the client throughout the project. We provide these services through our own professional staff and our highly qualified consultant-partners.

read more › Traveling throughout the United States, you can see many AWA development projects in great variety and scope. Anderson Wahlen & Associates has completed successful projects in approximately 400 cities in 13 states. No matter the project or geographic location, we have a unsurpassed record of providing our clients with the highest standard of work. Automobile sales, maintenance and parts represents a huge sector of our economy. We have worked with several large, regional dealerships to construct or remodel their stores, offices and shops.

read more › AWA provides detailed observations, research, and technical inspections as needed for the due diligence of the project. This is accomplished through our turn-key approach with in-house professionals. AWA also contracts with additional consultants as necessary, such as geotechnical engineers, environmental engineers, wetland consultants, building inspectors, title companies, etc. We conduct a zoning analysis for the project's intended use. We prepare detailed project schedules and cost estimates to assist the client through the project.

read more › AWA provides the highest quality engineering services to clients throughout the United States. Our primary focus is understanding each owner's business and custom-fitting the design to their needs. By thinking outside of the box and noting even the smallest details, we can solve any issue presented and assure the client of a successful project. Our team is equipped with the latest technologies and tools to facilitate the development of the project.

read more › AWA brings the latest technology in conventional and GPS methods together with 50 years of experience to provide superior accuracy and quality surveys to the client. Our staff has also developed quality relationships with title companies, owners, and local agencies. Bringing high quality, superior accuracy, and quality relationships together equates to a high-end survey serving as a foundation for the project. This foundation is essential to the success of all land development projects. Our surveyors and crew chiefs have training in design and engineering to be able to adapt to any project's needs.

read more › AWA understands the importance of traffic engineering as part of the overall development. Access and traffic flow is vitally important for the success of a development. We have experience working throughout the United States and have developed relationships with many local and state agencies. We understand a successful project requires the ability to respond to a variety of technical issues, financial concerns, and political challenges.

read more › Development significantly impacts our environment and this impact comes with responsibility. AWA is committed to the practice of sustainable design and incorporates sustainable design principles into every project. AWA is trained in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program and has participated in numerous LEED-accredited projects. Our training and experience can assist each client in their vision of a sustainable project.

read more › AWA currently holds engineering licenses and provides services in Utah, Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and North Dakota. Our engineers are certified by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES), which allows us to obtain licensure in any State our Client, has needs. We hold surveying licenses in Utah, Idaho and Nevada. We also hold landscape architecture licenses in Utah.

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