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DTY Tutoring DTY Tutoring is a company that focuses on providing educational concepts in the discipline of Civil Engineering, focuses more on the Structural Engineering side and also provides information about topics outside of engineering. We provide a lot of useful concepts on the mechanics branch of physics, on the courses that make up the core of Structural Engineering.

Our goal is to help students and to make educational resources available to anyone interested in Civil/Structural Engineering. Most of the resources are given in pdf files of worked out problems as well as in youtube videos. Dedication, Time and consistencY are the core values of our organization.

read more › Reinforced Concrete is a composite material that combines the usage of both concrete and steel where the steel reinforcement is used to counteract the lack of tensile strength in concrete. Concrete is a mixture of fine and coarse aggregates that are held together by a cement paste (cement mixed with water) that hardens over time. Is a better material for a strong foundation because of its heaviness in weight, which is the reason why most building have a reinforced concrete foundation. Relationship between Shear (V) and Moment (M) diagrams and steel reinforcements in a simply supported and cantilever beam.

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