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M.H. Leonard continues to provide engineering services for the construction, architecture, legal, and real estate industries. Since 1985, MHLCE has completed over 13,000 engineering projects in 3 states (as of 2018). We provide in-depth structural design of elite homes, commercial buildings, multi-family buildings, and various site features (towers, retaining walls, and parking areas).

We assess ongoing drainage and water infiltration problems which lead to drainage studies and design of surface and subsurface water management systems. We provide forensics-level engineering studies for specific cases involving legal issues and/or when avoiding legal problems. This leads to expert witness services when found necessary. We inspect dwellings and structural features of many properties in preparation for real estate sales and comparisons.

These are completed on an engineering level (not home inspections). We are often asked to address items of concern found in real estate home inspections by others as well.

read more › We are a team of professionals dedicated to the engineering industry to assess the safe use, feasible construction, and proper care of buildings and structures. We design, inspect, investigate, and test as needed to determine the long-term structural integrity and maintainability of components or buildings. We enjoy working hard with other professionals and the families in our neighborhoods to improve our community - one structure at a time. We are blessed with the many talents of our people and we will always be mindful of serving God in our efforts.

read more › Our inspection work continues to grow with contractors, realtors, and property owners. We have now done more than 13,000 framing, structural, and other examinations. We continue to cross-train our staff to stay aware of improvements in construction technology and apply them if there is an advantage. We work with many people in the repair industry and try to define feasible fixes in construction. Our goal in inspections is to help determine whether structural problems exist and to find practical solutions if problems are found.

read more › We are expanding to meet the needs of several fine residential and commercial design firms. We have done many structural analyses and plans for architects, designers, and builders. Now we plan to add CADD for structural design, sections and details. This will also allow plan copies, and electronic storage of design documents. Our goal is to offer practical designs for complex construction issues based on our experience as a custom homebuilder for 20 years.

read more › We offer testing services for lumber, steel, concrete, and soil mechanics. We offer material testing and destructive strength testing on building materials. Our goal is to provide accurate and timely information as needed to solve complex construction problems while preventing needless test services when the scope does not require it.

read more › We continue to serve insurance companies, attorneys, developers, general contractors, and other firms when problems must be examined. A forensics approach is sometimes needed to determine causes of problems or failures. Our goal in this work is to protect the public, find causes of problems efficiently, and define solutions when techniques are not always obvious.

read more › We verify that the framing of a project is done in accordance with design plans. We check critical load points, penetrations/framing cuts that may be made by rough-in mechanical and electrical work, and overall structural integrity of the framing in place. We also address safety, moisture, ventilation, and thermal protection issues. We have years of experience and expertise in the improvement of drainage systems for buildings, particularly around, under, or out of crawl spaces, cellars, or basements where water issues are critical to the substructure moisture content.

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