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Bath Engineering Over 60 years experience in electrical design from Power distribution systems to Electrical Safety and Reliability studies. Analysis and design to optimize HVAC and other mechanical systems handling gases, liquids and solids. Verification of construction based on design requirements, specifications, drawings, codes, recognized standards and performance testing.

Focus on process electrical safety to minimize the risk of electrical energy as an ignition source. Provide new, supplement current, or enhance existing technical skills to meet a client's specific needs.

read more › Bath Group Inc., is a professional engineering firm with offices located in Texas and New Mexico. It operates under the assumed names Bath Engineering Corporation, Bath Commissioning Corporation, and Bath Process Safety Management Company. Bath's engineers are members of or accredited, certified or trained by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the American Society of Heating Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), the Building Commissioning Association (BCA); the AABC Commissioning Group (ACG); the US Green Building Council (USGBC); and other professional societies that represent the engineering profession.

read more › BATH GROUP, INC. provides professional mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation engineering services to various customers and clients throughout the US and Mexico. The firm was founded in 1957 and was named after its founder Mr. Ken Bath. It operates primarily in the United States and Mexico, but it has successfully completed projects in Scotland, China, France, Thailand, and other countries. Provides design engineering consulting services for power, instrumentation, piping and pumping, HVAC, and other systems.

read more › Bath Engineering has an impeccable reputation and sets the standard for Professional Ethics. The following guidelines establish and set the basis for the ethical standards that govern our professional behavior. Do not accept inappropriate gratuities from vendors and factory representatives (no gift over $25 value and no more frequent than once per year). Good corporate citizenship is a core value at Bath. We expect and encourage our employees to participate and take leadership roles in their respective communities.

read more › Bath was originally founded as an electrical engineering consulting firm. Although it has evolved into a multi-disciplined engineering firm, electrical engineering design remains one of the firm's strengths. Engineering designs involving low, medium, and high voltage electrical systems have been the staple for our various business sector clients. We have also teamed with Architects, Engineering Consulting and Construction firms to provide electrical designs and power system requirements for commercial, educational, government and industrial facilities.

read more › One of Bath's core areas of expertise is the design and implementation of complex field instrumentation and control systems. Our engineers have experience managing, designing, and commissioning control systems. They develop control system infrastructure, select and specify field (pressure, flow, temperature) instruments, and troubleshoot existing systems. They design microprocessor-based control systems that vary in complexity from Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), to Direct Digital Control Systems (DDC), to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA), to Distributive Control Systems (DCS), to Basic Process Control Systems (BPCS), to Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS).

read more › Bath designs systems that process the flow of gases, liquids, and solids. Such systems often involve mills, conveyors, tanks, exchangers, pumps, piping, and vessels. Our mechanical engineering staff has experience designing CNG stations, boilers and chillers, pump systems, lift stations, HVAC systems, and building plumbing systems in commercial, educational, healthcare, industrial, municipal, government and military facilities. Bath's licensed professional engineers and experienced designers use state of the art software to perform load calculations, pipe stress analysis, vessel design, and HVAC capacities.

read more › Bath's engineers are certified by the Building Commissioning Association (BCA). This internationally recognized organization administers certification examinations and requires proof of extensive experience. In years gone by, it was enough for an HVAC system to provide comfortable cooling and heating. That is no longer true. Today's HVAC systems must be energy efficient, satisfy stringent indoor air quality and comfort expectations, and still be designed and constructed within tight budgets. System designs meeting these demands typically have many components, sub-systems, and controls including lighting, domestic hot water and emergency power.

read more › Bath Group's Design Services can be made independent of a Hazardous Area Classification assessment. Every day changes are made in production facilities worldwide. Physical equipment changes can impact the equipment layout of a production unit requiring communication to ensure those individuals impacted are made aware and safety is not compromised. What are your thoughts when you read about the latest industrial fire or explosion? Was inadequate process safety information a cause? Could electrical equipment or improper electrical system installation practices been the ignition source?

read more › Bath Group, Inc. provides additional professional services to our clients and other engineering and construction firms to help support their projects. Besides the straight Electrical, Controls/Instrumentation, Mechanical, Commissioning and Process Safety services, Bath has successfully teamed with construction and engineering firms on Design-Build projects, Engineering-Procurement-Construction, Plant Re-locations and MEP projects. Bath has also contracted with clients and other engineering firms to provide Resident Project Representatives, Construction Management, Construction QC, Project Managers, and AutoCAD assistance to fill a low in personnel.

read more › Bath takes great pride in the reputation the firm has earned for providing quality engineering services that meets the client's needs and objectives. Bath has provided services to clients across a diverse market range. Bath has partnered on many large projects with Architectural firms, Engineering firms and Construction firms to provide services. Following are some of our clients/owners and owner types served directly or as a subcontractor through a partner.

read more › Just as an investor considers his bank account to be an appreciating asset because it earns interest, Bath considers its employees to be assets because they grow in value every year. As our employees' knowledge and experience increases, they are of even greater value to our clients. We offer excellent benefits, competitive compensation, and equitable bonuses; but even more important, we offer a great atmosphere in which to work. Position: Electrical Engineer will lead project teams in the design and implementation of complex industrial and commercial electrical systems.

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