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Rizwan ABDUS Salam P E Consulting Engineer Consulting Engineers, is one of the leading Structural Designing firms in New York City, located in mid town Manhattan near Rockefeller Center. We offer complete structural analysis and design, drafting, shop drawing review and field inspection of buildings. Design services include design of concrete, steel and wood framed buildings, development of construction details, which are practical and cost effective, layout of plans and typical details.

We specializes in designing and developing plans for all types of buildings including Commercial Plazas, High Rises, Industrial units, Residentail Houses, Town Houses, Condominiums, Mosques, Churches. Over the past three decades we have worked on thousands of projects of all scales.

Our vast experiece and technical specialty allow us to devise a cost effective solution for almost any type of construction project such as new buildings, Renovations, Restorations, Alterations, Additions to the existing buildings, Repairs, Demolition, Excavations etc.

read more › With over 30 years of Experience in Structural Designs and Building Construction, Rizwan Abdus Salam is the driving force behind highest work ethics and professional standards at RAS P.E Consulting Engineers, a firm he founded in 1996 after working as Lead engineer in an elite engineering firm for 8 years. A Visionary & Leader, who leads by example with integrity, dedication & hardwork. Designer of many pioneer solutions. His extensive experience with Concrete, Steel and Wooden structures spans thousands of projects.

read more › We specialize in designing and developing detailed structure plans as per the Architectural Model. Our Team of Professinal Engineers lead by Rizwan Adbus Salam P.E has versatile experience in structural designs and developing detailed plans for wide range of structures. Our Design Engineers work coherently with Architects, Builders, Contractors to deliver crucial detailed structure plans designed and developed with high degree of precision as per the codes regulated by New York State Department of Buildings.

read more › Our Structural Design services typically lead to Construction ready phase with procuring building Permits. We work closely with Architects, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Contractors, Owners to navigate smoothly and swiftly through all the layers of the projects. Our goal is provide a pleasant experience to all the stake holders in achieving their goals. We have state of the art infrastructure & modern technology tools to design innovative solutions which comply with D.O.B codes.

read more › Our specialty includes Environmental Loads analysis such as Siesmic, Wind, Snow and Settlement Loads. The safety and servicebility of any building structure critically depends on its ability to resist the loads, it is subjected to during its useful life cycle. The forces exerted on a structure are largely influenced by its Geometry (Dead Load), Intended use (Live Load) and location (Environment Load). The type and magnitude of these loads ultimately determines the structure configuration, Material Selection and Construction Details.

read more › Calculation of Cirtical Loads on individual Assembly components such as Columns, Beams, Arches, Rings, Plates. A structure must remain in state of stable equilibirium. It must resist sudden change, dislodgement or overthrow when subjected to different types of loads applied at various points. It should not yield to buckling which results in failure of the structure. Our team of engineers evaluate critical loads each indvidual assembly member can resist. With in depth knowledge of materials and their life cycle we determine the usefulness and stability of the building.

read more › Building structures are complex in nature. Bigger the building the more complex is the structure supporting it. A minor flaw or omission in the initial design or construction can result in major damages due to water leak, moisture seeping throuh or cracks appearing anywhere in the building. Finding the root cause of the problem is the key in resolving such problems. Our team of engineers specializes in determining the source of the problem in the structure. We perform in depth analysis of initial designs and assesment of the building.

read more › The nature and composition of earth materials on any construction site determines the design and magnitude of structures that can be constructed on that piece of land. Geo-tecnical engineering deals with rock and soil mechanics. The knowledge of strength and behaviour of underlying earth's crust is critical in designing stable structure to be built on that ground. Our team of Geo-technical engineers carry out pre-design investigations of site. Distribution of rock and soil across the area of interest.

read more › Large Construction project are complex in nature and often requires professional feasibility study to determine the viability of the project. It determines the various hurdles & roadblocks which may appear during the execution of project. It identifies various processes to be started concurrently to save the time and cost. Our team of expert engineers have carried out feasibility studies for projects of various scales over the years. We identify & address the concerns of various stake holders in the project.

read more › Building Codes are designed to ensure that a constructed building is safe for its occupants, the people living around it and the environment. They also govern the construction process itself making sure the safety of cosnstruction workers. Every layer and component of the building must be constructed in compliance with the code following all the specifications. These codes are enforced by the local authorities by accredited third party inspections during different phases and after the complettion of construction.

read more › Most of the new construction projects starts with some type of excavation. Excavations can be small or over a large area of the ground depending upon the project's needs. There are many factors to be considered in designing an excavation plan to ensure the stability of surrounding ground (and safety of structures on that if present) such as angle of repose, type of subsoil, level of water table, depth of excavation, proximity to vehicular traffic, weather conditions. We offer complete excavation design services.

read more › Years of experience in expediting services. Pre-submission review by experienced professional engineers to minizmize flags by municpal agencies. The majority of construction work in New York state requires a buidling permit from department of buildings. In many cases, before the commencement of construction work, drawings and plans must be submitted by a NY state licensed Professional Engineer (P.E) or Registered Architect (R.A). These drawing and plans must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the examining officer that all the proposed work is complaince with building codes and zoning bylaws of the municipality before a work permit is issued.

read more › Planning & creating a clear road map in any construction project is very important for smooth execution and timely completion. Streamlining the tasks in every phase of the project from pre-design stage to sign off present the stake holders a clear picture of all the phases of the project. It facilitates proper planning for cost, municipal approvals, logistics and time frame required for the succesful completion of the project. Our team of engineers has extensive experience in developing construction details and documentation for every phase of the project.

read more › Third Party Review and Professional Reporting on all aspects of Building & Construction status. Structure Stability, Facade stability, Building Code Compliance, Exterior Envelop, Fencing reports. Large Pool of clients inlclude Architects, Contractors, Property Manager, Co-Op Boards, Lawyers & Owners. The New York City Department of Buildings requires that every building over 6 stories be inspected every 5 years under Facade Inspection Safety Program.(FISP). The law mandates a critical examination of the building appurtenances and exterior walls by a licensed architect or professional engineer within a two year window in cycles occurring every five years.

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