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Dr. Devo Seereeram, Principal Engineer and owner of the business, obtained all of his degrees BSCE, M.Eng., and Ph. D. at the University of Florida. After graduating with his doctorate in early 1986, Devo joined the geotechnical engineering consulting firm Michael D. Sims and Associates in Orlando, Florida.

Over the past 20 years, the company has grown organically by word of mouth without any marketing effort and includes a small team of highly skilled individuals at our company-owned office at 5500 Alhambra Drive, Orlando.

read more › The firm includes a team of highly skilled and experienced geotechnical engineers, environmental geologists, groundwater/geotechnical modelers, and field geotechnicians. While our experience is primarily in Florida (all counties), we have also worked intensely on the English speaking Caribbean islands as well as in the state of Texas. Each engineer and geologist on staff has over 15 years consulting and/or construction experience since graduation. Client base includes public agencies such as Lake County, Orange County, Seminole County, Polk County, FDOT, SJRWMD, GOAA, SFWMD, SWFWMD, LCWA, plus a number of private clients including major land developers, contractors, and civil engineering firms.

read more › The combination of two wet ponds in series is not directly addressed in the currently proposed methodology (Harper method) for calculating the nutrient removal of a wet pond. When analyzing two wet ponds in series (as depicted in Exhibit 1 below) we suggest that the two wet ponds should instead be considered as a single wet pond, and the residence time of the combined ponds should be calculated using the combined (permanent pool) volumes. One way to model this is to assume that the shared perimeter becomes a no flow boundary, and that no horizontal flow can occur through that boundary.

read more › The output from the software facilitates ease of review of compliance with water quantity/quality criteria established by the various water management districts, FDEP, FDOT, and other regulatory entities. The software is unique in that it performs simultaneous ground water and surface water calculations, including true stormwater routing. Also featured is the newest program module which anticipates forthcoming state-wide rule changes related to water quality volume requirements. The new module will calculate the water quality volume required by the new (and still evolving) FDEP stormwater rules for typical dry and/or wet ponds.

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