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TMC Design Corporation is an advanced engineering company. Our company has expertise in electromagnetics, digital signal processing, and radio frequency communications. We are committed to providing the US Government, and commercial customers, the most advanced technology. Our commitment is brought to fruition by our proficiency in synergistic integration of antenna design, radio frequency electronics, fabrication, and intelligent software solutions that meet customers' requirements.

read more › This certification asserts TMC Design's dedication to meeting the quality expectations of the aerospace industry by establishing a quality management system that emphasizes customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Defense Contractor Management Agency (DCMA) compliant for management and control of Government/Customer Property. The vision of Catalyst Campus for Technology and Innovation is to leverage an economic development cluster strategy that capitalizes on the competitive advantage of Colorado's aerospace, defense and homeland security, advanced manufacturing, electronics, cybersecurity and information technology industries to expand the region's industrial base and create a distinctive position for Colorado Springs to compete in the regional, national and global aerospace, defense and technology economies.

read more › Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Systems use the latest in SATCOM hardware to provide quality space communications, testing, and analysis capabilities to its users. The tactical information provided by these systems will prove to be an indispensable asset in your SATCOM training exercise, operational mission, or test program. SSA Systems feature TMC Design's custom instrumentation and command and control software. The software communicates with, and controls, all system hardware and instrumentation.

read more › TMC Design Corporation is a supplier of high quality Electronic Warfare systems for the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army and U.S. Navy. Our GPS jamming systems are used by all JPO-approved exercises where certified systems are required. Whether you need a single high-quality, mil-spec EW system or a thousand a month, our facilities are ready to meet your EW needs. Modulator systems are capable of varying the amplitude, frequency, or phase of a generated RF signal. The flexibility of such systems make them ideal for use as threat representatives in equipment test and evaluation applications.

read more › TMC Design offers a variety of Wireless Bomb Jammers which provide proven protection against current threats for single vehicle applications. Units outfitted in every vehicle will provide coverage for large convoys and smaller two (2) or three (3) vehicle parties. WBJ devices are inexpensive, easy to assemble and quick to deploy. WBJ protects against the latest threats and is field programmable to ensure protection against tomorrow's threats. Ordered systems can be factory-modified to operate with specifications that best fit customer requirements.

read more › TMC Design is a market leader in customizable Jammers. The HPJ (High Powered Jammer) featured below is one example of a mobile jamming solution controlled by our DTE software enclosure. It was designed from the ground up to include a custom engineered trailer built in house to withstand the rugged environments these systems will have to sustain. We worked through meticulous details with our customer to ensure it met all their needs and was preconfigured for expansion of future capabilities if needed.

read more › Our goal is total customer satisfaction. If your unique application requires a specialized antenna, not listed in this catalog, our engineers will help you develop a solution. In addition, the form and function of any catalog antenna can be modified in any manner that best fits your needs. A variety of paint options are available to fulfill your coating requirements. Federal Standard 595B colors, Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) or spot color schemes are available. Contact a TMC Design representative to specify coating options.

read more › Directional Antennas are generally used for systems that require narrow beam-width and highly directed energy. These narrow beam antennas can provide a large amount of energy over a small coverage area. When used for point-to-point communications systems (such as satellite links), these very-directive antennas will greatly reduce power requirements. In EW applications, highly directive antennas increase the field strength at the target at a fraction of the cost of higher output amplifiers. The most effective results are obtained when combined with higher power amplifiers.

read more › Dish antennas are highly directive and typically exhibit high gain and low cross-polarization values. The parabolic dish antenna is widely known for its uses in satellite communications. However, the antenna is also useful in wireless applications at frequencies of 1 GHz and above. It is common to see this antenna in radio, television, communication, data and RADAR systems that operate in UHF and SHF allocations. Our dish antennas and feeds are designed and fabricated to meet customer specifications.

read more › Flat panel antennas offer directive and gain performance comparable to Yagi-Uda, Log Periodic and dish models. However, the flat-panel's straightforward and simple design render them an economic alternative to other models. TMC Design currently manufactures specialized flat panel models that operate in designated GPS frequencies. Available models are circular polarized (right-hand and left-hand). If current models do not perfectly suit your requirements, contact a TMC Design representative to request a customized flat-panel design.

read more › Helical antennas have an inherent helix in their design. As a result, these antennas radiate RF in travelling waves through a corkscrew pattern. Signals travelling on these circular waves can be carried on any of its axial planes of symmetry. This method of transmission results in a signal that is better at penetrating and bending around objects, making it more resistant to signal degradation from common communication obstacles such as multi-path, phasing, weather and line-of sight. Available helical antennas can provide continuous coverage from 100 MHz to 6000 MHz (6 GHz) in both left or right hand circular polarization.

read more › Horn antennas characteristically provide significant directivity and gain. While horns are capable antennas they are also used as gain standards and feeds for parabolic dish antennas. Horns are commonly used in applications operating at microwave frequencies, specifically the UHF (300 MHz to 3 GHz) range. The HO-90-24 antenna is a small, high-power directional antenna that covers the 8.2 to 12.4 GHz range. The operating frequency of this antenna make it ideal for RADAR, motion detection, space/satellite communication and amateur radio applications.

read more › In addition to the extensive catalog and custom engineering products that TMC Design manufactures, we also provides supplemental equipment to compliment our antennas and electronic systems. TMC Design offers a variety ground and flight based box feeds for use with dish antennas or as gain standards. All feeds are built to be electrically superior and allow for any desired polarization. A custom model can be made to suit. RF amplifiers increase the power of low to medium-power RF signals for increased coverage, better signal reception or, at minimum, to satisfy power requirements to drive an antenna.

read more › The GRF-5063 Hi-Power L-Band Amplifier is a rack- mounted, rugged, solid-state amplifier suitable for Travelling Wave Tube (TWT) replacement in the 800 MHz to 2 GHz range. Designed by OPHIR RF Microwave to TMC Design specifications, this amplifier is 100 % compatible with the TMC Design LBJ and LBS series Electronic Warfare devices. The 5063-ART can provide 100 watts of output power with any CW, AM, FM, PM or Pulse RF input signal. This amplifier coupled with TMC Design's modulators and antennas makes a complete test and operational L- Band jamming system to meet or exceed your transmitter specifications.

read more › The QDT-800 Quick Deploy Tower is a highly portable structure designed to allow for the rapid deployment of mast-mounted repeater or jamming systems. Standard towers will mount four antennas and a repeater antenna on the same mast assembly. Masts can be modified to mount your unique antenna design. The tower is adjustable to a maximum 6 feet (72 inches) in height and comes with the hardware provisions (level, guy wires & transport container) necessary to ensure proper deployment. The system is constructed from aircraft quality aluminum, welded by certified welders and assembled using only stainless steel hardware.

read more › Omni-Directional antennas are used for communication systems that require equal coverage in all directions. Our custom designed omnidirectional antennas can be used for mobile solutions and can be built with a magnetic base for vehicles. The BC-06r is a wide-band antenna ideal for applications requiring a wide azimuth beamwidth without complete omni-directional coverage. This small, mobile transmit and receive antenna is contained within a rugged, sealed fiberglass radome and can be provided with a magnetic mount for mobile applications (available with optional tripod).

read more › Biconical monopole antennas are wideband and electrically small antennas that cover from 25 MHZ to 2000 MHZ. Biconical monopole antennas are ideal for electronic warfare applications because they can be wideband and omnidirectional. The BC-0300 antenna is a wide-band, electrically small biconical monopole antenna designed for low frequency testing and wideband communications systems, eliminating the need for large antennas or tuning systems. The antenna is housed and sealed in a rugged radome to ensure long life and electrical repeatability.

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